Kim & Cole


I met Kim and Cole over four years ago for Cole’s first birthday cake smash session. At the time, I was still doing photoshoots from my living room in our old townhouse. I think back to those times and giggle to myself. People must have thought I was a bit on the crazy side. Who lets kids smear around their living room covered in cake?! Me.

Every year, Kim books their annual Mother’s day session with me. Truth be told, I always get so excited when they do too. Since the first time, she and Cole have been wearing the same t-shirts. Hers says “You belong with me” and his says “I belong with you“. It’s really the sweetest thing. Kim mentioned this year, Cole’s shirt was a bit snug. She took it upon herself to make him a new one using fabric paint. I think it looked pretty good!

This year was just a bit different than ones in the past. In previous years, I was able to make Cole smile with simple gestures. This year it took a lot of talk about poops are farts (and a few burps) to get him to really let loose.

See this picture here? This was a burp.

And this one here? Threatening to lick his mom.

And I am pretty sure we were talking about poops right here.

The take away from all this? Don’t worry about your kid being silly or wacky during a photo shoot! Just relax and let me make the sound effects. All you have to do is play along.

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