The first of many graduations


This is it you guys. My oldest child just graduated from preschool. *Enter ugly cry emoji here*

I know, I know!! It’s just preschool. But is it? Is it JUST preschool? In just a few short months she will be officially in the school system and the real hustle will begin.

It’s hard to admit it that our kids are growing up. They are turning into these well rounded tiny humans who have ideas and opinions.

I don’t know about your kids, but Maya challenges me every day. She asks SO many questions. Some make me laugh and others really make me stop to think. She’s also the kindest and most caring 5 year old I know. Her compassion for other people makes me want to be a better person. I am truly just so proud of the person she is becoming.

I never thought I would be that parent to cry during a graduation ceremony, let alone a preschool one. But there I was. Front and center as my little girl carried her confident self down the aisle to collect her little diploma all wrapped up in a red ribbon. I felt something in my heart just explode. Mostly, I was really just so proud of her.

The preschool hosted such a beautiful event for these kids. They rented out a hall for the ceremony and had it so beautifully decorated. The kids were on stage, singing their hearts out while most of the parents were beaming with joy (or in my case, bawling their eyes out LOL). Each child was given a special booklet to take home that was personalized for them with all their hard work over the year. It had photos, crafts, drawings and poems inside that really pull at your heart strings. It was so interesting to see her penmanship skills evolve from the start of the year all the way to the very end too. After the ceremony, it was party time. There was a sweet little lunch set up with all sorts of snacks and treats for the students and families.

I stole Maya away with her two best buddies, Lennon and Kian and we snapped a few photos before things got too wild. It was such a special day and I couldn’t help but give her extra snuggles and hugs that night before bed. My baby isn’t gonna be a baby forever, but she’ll always be my little lady.





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