Print Your Family Photos. Albums Make The Best Family Heirlooms



My favorite thing to do with my kids is sit on the couch and pull out our family albums.  We print our family photos frequently but the look on their faces when we go through the images of my husband’s and my childhood is absolutely priceless. They have so many questions about our surroundings and clothes we were wearing (80’s baby’s know what I mean).  

Printing your family photos is a tradition that doesn’t just live on in our house though. My siblings are scattered all around the province. When we get together on particularly rowdy nights, we end up with our family albums, reliving our childhood memories and our parents stories too! We laugh at the good memories and cry over the bad haircuts and neon snowsuits.

Printed family photos create deep connections

My favorite comment of all though came from my daughter. She said, “Mommy, I look so much like you here!” or “Daddy and Noah look like the same baby!” She sees the resemblance and feels like she belongs and is a part of me. That experience and connection is priceless.

Our most beloved and cherished heirlooms are our albums, given to us by our parents as we will give our children theirs. They get a sense of where they came from, the story of their life family. And because they’re carefully preserved, these albums  can be handed down for generations to come.

Photo albums are meant to be touched and explored

Personally, I prefer albums over any other type of print hands down. There’s something about being able to flip through the pages and touch each image that’s comforting. Don’t get me wrong, our home is filled with memories on the walls, but those images get replaced regularly.

Our albums, however, are stacked with love and available for our friends and family to look through: family vacations, annual family photos and the in-between memories and celebrations. Everything is documented. This is my gift to my children. It’s the least I can do to show them I love them and preserve their memories. 

Want to learn more about heirloom albums? Check out how you can get print your family photos by sending me a note to get started!


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