Photographer Tips For Family Photos


Getting ready for a family photo session? Here are 5 quick tips for family photos. Learn how to prepare your kids for a fun (not stressful) family session! 

Family photos are such an exciting occasion. I personally love to pick out all of our outfits, get dressed up and get the kids in the right headspace to have a great time. It can also be super stressful though – if you’re not prepared.  Here are my favourite photographer tips for family photos. – Use this checklist to make sure everything goes smooth as butter.

Pick out your outfits early

Don’t leave it until the night before or the morning of! Trying to find clean, ironed, coordinating clothes the morning of your shoot adds so much stress. We want you to not only look your best but feel your best too!

Book at the right time

I can’t tell you how many times I have heard parents say “Sorry they’re cranky, it’s nap time!” Don’t do that to yourself. Tell me about naps, activities, and all those things before your session so we can find a time that is perfect for the whole family!!

Bring snacks. So many snacks. 

Ask anyone: hungry Rania is not a happy Rania. The same goes for your kids. I work buffer time into our sessions, so we have plenty of time for a snack break! Just remember to keep it as mess-free as possible: applesauce pouches, goldfish crackers, and string cheese are all yummy, clean options. 

Tell your kids what’s going to happen 

Use my name in conversations leading up to photo day like “I can’t wait to hang out with Rania on Saturday! She’s going to take our family pictures, and it’s  going to be so much fun!” Talking about me and the photoshoot helps them get comfortable with the idea. They’ll know to expect a camera, and I won’t seem like a stranger on photo day. I’ll also spend a few minutes chatting with your little ones before we jump in, so everyone feels relaxed and understands what’s happening.

Arrive dressed and ready to go!

 We can lose a lot of time – and excitement – when everyone’s trying to get dressed and ready on location. Keep kiddos (and husbands!) focused and on their best behaviour by showing up already dressed. The faster we jump in, the happier everyone will be! And happy kids make for the best family photos.

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