3 Reasons I Display And Print My Photos


When you think back to your childhood, what are your strongest memories?? For me, it’s birthdays and vacations, playing in the yard with my siblings and school plays or concerts. Why? My parents made sure those were our most photographed and printed moments.  These memories filled our albums and decorated our walls growing up. We saw our memories all around us! This is the exact reason it’s so important to me to print my photos. 

Are you guilty of leaving your photos in a Facebook album or shared on Instagram? Or maybe they’re still in the gallery your photographer shared! Here are a 3 reasons why I print my photos. 

First reason to print your photos: Photographs are a frozen memory. 

Your photos capture a time you’ll be able to look back at, appreciate, and relive. But what’s the point of taking 100 photos on your phone and never looking at them again? What’s the fun in having family photos, but only occasionally looking at them on your laptop?

Second reason: I print my photos because that’s what photographs are for!

They are meant to be touched and passed down from generation to generation. I can’t count the times clients have reached out to me only to say their hard drive died or their phone was stolen… and they no longer have their precious images.  

As a photographer, it truly breaks my heart when my clients say they haven’t done anything with their images since receiving them. That’s why I decided I won’t let that happen anymore! I make it so easy for you to print your photos, you’ll feel silly declining this service!  

Photographs connect us to our past and remind us of who we are. Now, I’m here making that easier for you. Whether you want albums or gallery prints, I’m happy to offer heirloom worthy products for you to pass on and enjoy for decades.

Third reason: It’s important for children to see photos of themselves.

There is something that happens to a child when they see photos of themselves hanging in their home or safely contained within the protective walls of a family album. There is a grounding, a rooting of their soul into who they are. Family photographs create a legacy of identity and there is nothing more beautiful than knowing who you are.

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