Choosing Outfits for Family Photos


Getting your family coordinated for a family session can seem like a daunting task, but that’s why you hired a professional!

I’ve put together these easy but effective styling tips to help you when choosing outfits for your family photos! Follow these and the whole family will be looking good and feeling confident.  

Coordinate colors, but don’t match

First, try to avoid dressing everyone in the same color.

The goal is to choose complementary colors and dress your family in shades of that palette. 

Start with choosing mom’s outfit, as that’s usually a statement piece. Choose something that is classic and timeless. Then, based on the color of mom’s outfit, choose outfits for the rest of the family that complement that color. 

Try keeping the main color palette neutral, and add in pops of color without overwhelming the look. 

 Solids work best

 I know it’s hard to get your little one to part with their unicorn t-shirt or their favorite Spider Man shoes, but the focus should be on the people in your family – not the logos and characters on their clothes! These items are a huge distraction in photos. 

Stick with solid neutrals for the best overall look.  I find it helpful to have a few choices for your little one to pick from, then they feel like they made a decision that they can feel good about too!

 Texturize and Accessorize Your Outfits for Family Photos

I often tell my families to mix up textures and fabrics to add depth to their photos.  Scarves, belts, hats and ties are a great place to start. A chunky knit cardigan or wrap adds volume without being too much. 

Pick an item that shows off each family member’s character and personality!

Say Yes to Comfort

There’s nothing worse than wearing clothes you’re not comfortable in. Not only will it show in your photos, but you won’t enjoy the experience. I always say choose comfort first! When you feel good you’ll look good in your photos.

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